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Ranger Security Agency provides highly-skilled and professional security personnel
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Providing the Top Security Services in Austin, Texas

Depending on who you ask, security can mean a lot of different things, especially to individuals from different backgrounds. This also means that depending on the circumstances, having a strong security measure can yield and produce the best benefits.

If you’re located in Austin, Texas, then Ranger Security Agency can surely benefit you and your business. Whether you’re looking to find help regarding petty thieveries or break-ins, allowing yourself and your staff to feel protected can help immensely.

As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of the importance of a security service or security measures imposed in our workplace. This is something that we don’t want to risk, especially if you’re running a business that caters to most consumers around Austin.

Worry not though, for Ranger Security Agency can help you with your security needs – that’s a guarantee to all our clients around Texas.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to know more about how our team can help you in terms of protecting your business today.

Ranger Security Agency

Can Provide the Help You Need

When it comes to serious or accidental situations, Ranger Security Agency can help protect you, your staff, and your business.

If you’re worried about your safety, our team can give you that added protection.

Here at Ranger Security Agency, we only deploy security officers that are trained to address security issues like the following:

  • VIP and Individual Protection
  • Break-Ins
  • Fire Prevention and Detection
  • Attempted Theft
  • Violent Attacks
  • Terrorist Activities
  • Large Crowds and Demonstrations
  • Stalkers

Rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Ranger Security Agency.

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Ranger Security Agency prioritizes your safety and well-being,
and you can rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Why You Should Choose

Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas


While we are a relatively smaller security guard agency, we are still one of the leading ones. Not only do we ensure that our clients get the necessary protection they need, but we also ensure that our provided customer service is superb. We only deploy trained and presentable guards, as we believe that they can bring peace and comfort to any accident or negative situation. They are surely the best choice. So why don’t you contact us at Ranger Security Agency today to know how we can bring peace, safety, and protection to your businesses in Austin, Texas?

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