Office Building Security in Austin

Security for your Offices in Austin, Texas

Offices or your workspaces is extremely important properties. They hold every valuable asset of your business. Not only that, but offices also hold a lot of valuable data. Thus, protecting it is very important. Offices also have several employees and daily visitors. They too need to be protected to achieve the best work out of them. 

Thus, to assure the safety of your offices, it is necessary to hire a professional security agency. One name to consider for this job is Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas. Our agency specializes in business and commercial security along with several other areas. Thus, we could be the best for your office.

Building Security Austin

Unarmed Security Guard for your Offices

If your safety needs do not call for high-tech security, then we can also offer another solution-unarmed security guards. These guards do not carry any lethal firearms. However, they are equally capable of deterring crimes. They can also take necessary actions during emergencies. 

Thus, considering your safety needs, reach out to us at Ranger Security Agency today and explore all of our security solutions.

Building Security Austin

3. Building guards 

Our building guards can protect your property from the inside as well as from the outside. They can patrol the outer areas like the lobby, parking lots, etc. to assure everything runs smoothly. These guards can also be present inside the building and keep an eye on every member of your office.

4. 24-hour surveillance 

With the help of security or CCTV cameras, our team can keep an eye on every corner of the office at once. They can immediately inform other guards if anything suspicious is spotted.

5. Drive-by patrols 

These patrol cars can take rounds around your office to ensure nobody tries to break in or cause any other harm to your property. Drive-by patrol services can also function at night when there’s no one around.

Office Security Solutions by Ranger Security Agency

Whether you own a multi-story office building or a few quarters on one floor, all your security needs will be covered by us. We have multiple security solutions for offices. A few of them are

1. Gate security or access control

Our security guards will be stationed at every entry and exit point. They will monitor every visitor that enters and leaves to make sure they are harmless for your property and your employees. 

2. Alarm systems

Alarms can help a lot in times of emergency. Whether it is a fire or a break-in, our security guards can act immediately upon hearing the alarms. They can also inform the concerned authorities if and whenever needed.


Building Security Austin