High-Rise Security Austin

High-Rise Security Services in Austin, Texas

People residing or working in high-rise buildings are found to be more prone to crimes and other threats. This is mainly because of the height and number of occupants in the building at a time. High-rise buildings also have limited entry and exit points which also makes it difficult to evacuate in the time of emergency. 

However, all this can be made easy if you hire a reliable security service for your property. You can visit Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas to hire specialized high-rise security.  

Construction Site Security
Construction Site Security

Why Choose Ranger Security Agency?

We have been in the business of helping and protecting people for a long now. This has allowed us to gain a lot of real-life experiences. With this and professional training, our guards are capable to handle all sorts of situations that may arise in a multi-story building. 

Our team is also capable to help people in case of emergencies like fire and other accidents. Hence, hiring Ranger Security Agency for your high-rise buildings can be the best decision you make.

Here’s How we can Help…

Before sending in a team of guards, we will:

  1. Examine your building, possible threats, and crimes that may happen 
  2. Select the most suitable guards for your property 
  3. Send in the team of guards that is appropriate for your location 

Our guards are reliable and helpful in every situation. Thus, think no more and hire them today! 

Our Services for High-Rise Security

Our specialized services for high-rise buildings include

Monitoring all access points

Armed and unarmed guards

Patrol services

Registering visitor details at the time of entry and exit

CCTV surveillance

Guards at all critical points

Evacuation in case of emergency

Fire safety

Escorting visitors

Building inspection

Our Approach Towards High-Rise Security

You and your visitor’s safety is our primary concern. Thus, to assure everyone’s safety, we will deploy the best team of security guards to protect your property. You can trust us with your property and visitors.

We are committed to offering…

  • 24/7 security on site
  • Trained and experienced guards on duty
  • Efficient in controlling access
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Deterring crime and violence
  • Immediate response to emergencies
  • Investigating tenants

Other Services that we Offer

Ranger Security Agency is also known for other services like

Armed and unarmed guards

Construction site security 

Residential security

Special events security

Commercial security

How can you Hire us?

The process remains simple as ever. Just let us know about your security needs and we will send in our most suitable team of guards. You can talk to our team for more details.