Hire Private Active Shooter Security for Protection

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

Active shooting has become a rising threat in almost places. No matter if you are in a subway or your office. Shooters can barge in at any time and ruin everything in a few minutes. However, the same can be avoided if you are prepared for it. Being prepared doesn’t only include you. This also involves preparing your office and your employees. 

One of the key ways to prepare for such situations is by hiring security guards who can protect you, your employees, and your office. Read ahead to know more about how you can add private active shooter security to your security plan. 

Private Active Shooter Security for Added Protection

Including private protection for situations like shooting can help you save yourselves and your possessions, including other people around you. For this, you can hire uniformed armed, and unarmed guards with vehicle patrols. You may also look at other options like personal bodyguards.

Personal Protection from Active Shooter 

Active shooter situations can arise at any time and that too without any notice. Thus, you need to be alert at all times. Especially, when going to places where such incidents are common. 

If you don’t have active shooter protection services in place, then you need to be prepared to handle the situation safely. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Run 

This might be the first thought that occurs. However, you need to plan it wisely before escaping. 

  • Make sure that you maintain as much distance as possible between the shooter and yourself. 
  • Before, you run, know of all the exit points that you can use. 
  • Never carry any belongings while running. 
  1. Hide 

Another option is to hide yourselves. 

  • Find a cover that cannot be spotted by the shooter easily 
  • Block all entry ways to your hiding space, for example, lock the doors 
  • Once you’re secured, silent your phone to avoid it ringing at the wrong time 
  1. Fight 

This is only possible if you are brave enough or know some fighting techniques. 

  • Attempt this only if there’s no other option left

Being prepared is good but hiring security agents is even better as they can avoid the situation with their presence. You can approach Ranger Security Agency for a reliable services. Call us now to know more.