Keeping yourself Safe in an Active Shooting

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

Shooting has become one of the rising concerns of safety in our country. No matter if it is a railway station, a mall, or even a school, a shooting is likely to happen at any place. You might not always be lucky to miss your usual train with a shooter on it. Thus, to avoid such dreadful situations, you need to be prepared for them. 

Now, how does one prepare for such a situation? It is not something you are taught in schools or have special training programs for. Well, the answer is, by following certain safety steps. Read ahead to know more! 

Steps to Save Yourselves from a Shooter 

You can follow these safety steps and be secured during an active shooting. 

  1. Make a note of entry and exits 

Active shootings mainly happen in places where people cannot escape easily such as in rooms, corridors, subways, etc. Thus, when going to such places make a mental note of all the entries and exits of the place. Knowing this will help you escape safely. 

  1. Be alert of your surroundings  

No matter wherever you go, you always need to be alert to your surroundings. You need to have a watchful eye for suspicious activities or something that just doesn’t fit the situation. Being aware of such activities can help you elope in time and save your life. 

  1. Be calm 

This can become your key weapon. A shooter always expects panic and chaos as that makes their job easier. Thus, you need to stay calm and think clearly before acting. Your panic can land you and other people around you in more trouble. 

  1. Find cover 

This is a better option if you aren’t close to an exit. Just try to hide yourselves behind something that can protect you from the bullets. If you can’t find such a cover, then just try to hide yourselves. After all, out of sight, out of mind, the shooter might even forget you were ever there. 

Follow these steps and keep yourselves safe in an active shooting. Another way to avoid the situation is by hiring security guards who can prevent such activities. You can approach Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas for the most reliable services. Call us now for more details.