What Does a Security Guard Do?

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

A security guard plays a very important role when it comes to protecting people. They are responsible for everyone’s safety. Apart from that, a security guard plays other roles too. They always need to be on their toes to help others, no matter if they are in danger or simply need some help. 

Let us know more about the duties that come under the role of a security guard. 

Duties of a Security Guard 

A respnsible security guard has the following duties on their shoulder:

  1. Be a prominent obstruction for criminals 

Criminals, theives, and vandals are less likely to operate in the presence of a security guard. The results are even better if the guard is in the uniform and is holding a rifle or other weapon. This scares the would-be criminals to commit something unpleasnt. 

  1. Identifies suspicious behavior 

A security guard is also always alert about their surroundings. They can easily identify any suspicious activity that is going around. The guards are trained to look for people and situations that just doesn’t seem to fit in. 

  1. Informing the concerned authorities 

Upon identifying the suspicious activities, these guards also inform the concerned authorities. If the accident has already happend, they can call the meidics, firefighters, police department, etc. to take necessary legal actions against the crime. 

  1. Moniters the access to properties 

Theives and vandals are always in search of an unauthorized access to your property. But with security guards in place, these entries can be blocked in time. The guards check their ids and other relevant documents and prevents them from entering if found suspicious. 

  1. Takes actions during emergency situations 

Emergency situations can arise any time. These can be caused unintentionally or intentionally. Whatever maybe the reason, it is a security guard’s job to take the necessary action at this time. They should be able to control the crowd, help if anyone is injured and call the authorities if needed. 

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