Different Types of Security Guards for your Various Needs

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

It is always a relief to know that you and your property are guarded by trained and experienced security officials. These officials are an expert at their job and can easily identify threats. They can also easily defuse such situations without causing any harm to you. 

When we talk about security guards, it does not just include one type of official. Different types of security guards are trained to carry out different jobs. Let’s read more about the types of security guards you can hire for your properties. 

Types of Security Guards 

The security guards are trained in multiple ways to serve different purposes. The types of guards you can hire are: 

  1. Unarmed security guards 

As the name suggests, these guards do not carry weapons like rifles, batons, etc. but are still capable to protect you. These work as an extra pair of watchful eyes on your property. Unarmed guards are the most suitable places where you want protection but also don’t want to disturb others with weapons. 

  1. Armed security guards 

Armed security guards carry weapons like rifles, guns, batons, etc. for added protection. They are trained to combat with and without weapons. Armed guards are a perfect fit for crowded and public places. Weapons help in controlling the crowd. Also, these guards give you extra protection and keep suspicious people away. 

  1. Off-duty law enforcement guards

These are more than just security guards. They are off-duty law enforcement officers with more authority than others. Such officers are usually hired for special needs like events, job sites, etc. Thus, if you need an off-duty law enforcement officer, then the same can be arranged after communicating with the local law enforcement department. 

  1. ATV patrols 

These patrol officers are mainly for events or properties that are spread across large stretches of land. If you too own a business that is spread over acres of land, then ATV patrol will be the perfect match for you. These guards can easily look after your property on their patrol vehicles and deter any suspicious activities. 

If any of these security guards matches your needs, then you can immediately contact us at Ranger Security Agency and hire them. We are located in Austin, Texas. Call us now for more details.