Ways to Avoid an Unsafe Situation at Your Workplace after an Employee Is Terminated

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Firing a worker is never a simple errand for a business owner or manager. Notwithstanding, it is a vital part of business operations. While firing a representative from a position, there is a high probability that they will respond with violence, aggression, or retaliation. Organizations must have methods set up to ensure their organizations, workers, clients, and data from a displeased ex-representative.

Does your business have strategies and systems set up that will assist you with evading a risky circumstance at your working environment after a representative is terminated? We have compiled a list of 5 steps you can take to secure your property, both physical and scholarly, from a furious ex-worker.

5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace from a Fired Employee

The loss of a job can bring up strong emotions for an employee, including fear, anger, and frustration. Even if the employee expected the termination, there is no telling what kind of reaction they may have. With the risk associated with employee termination, managers and other staff members should be well versed in their company’s policies and have clear procedures before, during, and after termination.

Assess the risk.

Even prior to approaching the employee, it is important that managers and human resources executives identify past or present behaviors or situations that could make the termination high risk. This step will allow the management team to develop a plan, as well as alternate plans if the situation does not go as expected or planned. Some signals that an individual may present a higher risk for violence include those who:

Have increased levels of stress at home or in the workplace

Have been employed at the company for many years

Have filed formal complaints or lawsuits against the company

Have expressed informal complaints or made accusations against other employees

Have a history of violence.

Have a history of making threats.

Create a plan.

Businesses should create a plan that they must follow for every termination, even those not considered high risk. The policy should be included in every new hire orientation and provided as additional training to current employees.

Consult with your IT team.

Workers have access to important gadgets and intellectual property. Before the termination, managers should have a discussion with their IT team to figure out what the employee has access to and what should be confined. This may incorporate email records, PC and cell phone passwords, and other broad informing stages and applications. Working with the IT group when chiefs realize the end will happen can guarantee that the entirety of your bases is secured with regards to innovation and intellectual property.

Have security staff present during the termination.

It should not come as a surprise that security staff should be present while terminating an employee contract. Experienced security personnel will be able to identify signs that the employee is becoming emotional or that they have a weapon to cause havoc or damage. Keep in mind that the mere presence of security can prevent an angry employee from causing a scene.

Escort the person of the property.

It is recommended that employees are monitored throughout the entire process: from packing their belongings to exiting the premises. The threat of harm is not eliminated as soon as the ex-employee exits the building. There is still the potential that they kept a weapon somewhere or that they will attempt to reenter the building. Security personnel can escort the person of the premises and watch for their return.

Experienced Security Staff Can Protect Your Business – Employee Termination Security Staff

When dealing with any potentially emotional situation in the workplace, it is important to keep safety front of mind. If you run or manage a business of any size, employee terminations can put the safety of your employees and customers at risk.

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