What Are The 3 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services?

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Many businesses outsource some parts of their operations, particularly those that are outside their areas of expertise. Businesses may hire cleaning organizations, promotional agencies, and freelancers to help them achieve their objectives in business and everyday tasks. Some companies like to keep everything in-house by employing staff to accomplish all business and non-business assignments.

When it comes to security guard services, there are arguments on both sides of the coin. Advocates for using in-house security like recruiting, training, and supervising their own staff. Organizations in this camp feel they have the ability to develop a greater sense of loyalty because security teams are part of the company, not an outside temporary worker.

However, those with the opposite opinion cite several important CONS to using in-house security services. For one, it is generally more expensive to hire, train, and supervise your own security staff when you consider the need to purchase equipment, employee benefits, and liability insurance.

Second, an in-house security manager will need to provide training and supervision to the security guard team, which can be a full-time job in itself.

3 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services

Why is outsourcing your security guard services better?

Cost savings

Every business wants to save money. Even if you have a budget for an effective security program, there will still be gaps in your program that could be costly and even dangerous. Hiring an easier security solution from a reputable security guard company will end up saving you money in the end.

Expertise and experience

When you work with a security guard company, you can trust that security is their only business. A security guard company like Ranger security agency with many years of experience has a staff of well-trained, highly-skilled guards to meet any of your security needs.


What happens when your business experiences a security threat or hosts a large-scale event? Will your in-house security team be robust enough to handle the additional security challenges? When you work with an outsourced security company, they will be able to provide temporary guards at a moment’s notice.

Hiring a Security Guard Company to Protect Your Business

At Ranger security agency, we understand that choosing the right security solutions for your company is a big decision. If you are deciding between in-house and outsourced security, we hope this blog post clearly shows you the advantages and disadvantages of each.