Security Services For Your Auto Dealership Near Fort Worth, TX

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If you manage an auto dealership, you may discover that handling and responding to a range of crimes perpetrated against your property and automobiles is one of the most aggravating and infuriating aspects of your job.

The open nature of many auto dealership lots, as well as the high value of the automobiles on site, can make dealerships a target of criminal activities ranging from petty vandalism to theft and sale of vehicles and parts. What can you do to ensure that you, your employees, and your company are safe?

Continue reading to learn about some of the most common types of dealership-related crime.

Best Auto Dealership Security Methods

Traditional security methods like motion-activated lighting and security cameras aren’t likely to give much protection because thieves and vandals like to target dealerships after dark, when the building and lots are vacant.

For burglars who can easily disguise their face or car licence plate from the camera’s view, security cameras aren’t much of a deterrent. Your prosecution possibilities will be restricted if you don’t have a method to identify the burglar or his getaway vehicle.

Even if you have constant access to a live video feed from your dealership, you may find that this technology only allows you to witness your business being broken into rather than assisting you (or the police) in intervening.

For these reasons, hiring uniformed security guards is frequently the best option. These guards can walk or drive patrols, ensuring that anyone arriving with the purpose to cause trouble or steal goods is made aware of their presence right away.

Because the cost of theft and vandalism may be so high, and filing several theft claims against your dealership’s insurance coverage is likely to raise your rates over time, employing a security company to provide after-hours guards and patrols for your dealership can save you money in the long run.

Other security methods may be acceptable for different types of businesses, but as a dealership owner, you won’t go wrong with some personal physical security.

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