Important and Useful Ways to Defuse a Heated (and Potentially Dangerous) Confrontation

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Security officials whether manning an occasion or maintaining the safety of a public place must stay in control to keep everyone safe. Knowing how to control a situation is vital to avoid further destruction and safety risks. The first method to maintain, control, and defend against potential violence is to defuse the situation.

Whether dealing with a little disagreement or a group conflict at an occasion, highlighted below are a few tips on how to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

5 Ways to Defuse a Heated Confrontation

1. Look out for signs of tension

In order to prevent conflict, security officers must first be aware of what that conflict might look like. Signs may present more clearly with raised voices or cocked fists that may even pull a surrounding crowd, depending on the venue of the event, or, you may need to look more closely to identify physical signs of a disturbance.

2. Establish authority and intention

Once a situation needs authority personnel, it’s important to establish from the beginning who you are and what you are there to do. Clearly define your responsibility at the event or venue as a security official and explain that you’re here to provide solutions. Remember, the first goal is to calm those involved without having to take any additional measures.

3. Be calm in your voice and demeanor

Telling someone to calm down makes some people get annoyed easily, so it’s better to show signs instead of talking. Approach the situation directly, but calmly. Speak with a calm authority.

4. Show them that you’re all ears

Let them know that you are listening. Most of the time, anger can be quenched when the individual feels that they are being listened to. Physical responses of listening include maintaining eye contact and nodding the head to express signs of listening.

5. Define a resolution

Once the parties are calm and collected, you can effectively work through a resolution to make sure things don’t escalate again. The hope is that the tension was caught early enough to allow each party to leave the situation and go about their business, without the risk of anger building again. The resolution may be to involve program organizers or a store manager for further assistance.

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