Everything You Have to Know About Armed Guard Services in Houston

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

It’s important to prioritize your safety and that of your businesses too – this is one of the reasons why security service providers like us at Ranger Security Agency exist.

Here at Ranger Security Agency, we offer countless security services to our clients around the Greater Houston Area – though we also provide our services to countless cities around Texas.

Ranger Security Agency aims to educate our readers and our clients when it comes to everything security. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you have to know about armed guard services in Houston.

An armed security guard is one of the most pictured types of guard, and they’re usually spotted in businesses or various events. Their main role is to protect the people inside the premises or at events, and this is mostly why business owners hire them.

There are so many other roles that an armed security guard can play, but the main thing is to provide protection and add a more hands-on involvement in a business property.

One of the things that make armed security guards seem daunting is the “weapon” that they carry. Usually, these may include the following:

  • Flashlights
  • Tear Gas
  • Pepper Spray
  • Batons
  • Handcuffs
  • Two-Way Radio
  • Guns

It’s important to note that armed security guards won’t use their weapons unless it’s extremely necessary – especially if these weapons are considered firearms.

Not only that but there will be necessary training that these officers would go through before they can be allowed or permitted to carry firearms. So this is something that most business owners have to keep in mind.

Rest assured that your safety and that of your businesses are our priorities here at Ranger Security Agency – that’s a guarantee.

If you’re curious to know more about armed security guards in Houston, reach out to us at Ranger Security Agency and we’ll tell you more about it. We can also give you a free estimate, so simply give us a call today.