Conducting a Security Risk Assessment for Construction Businesses in Austin, TX

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Regular assessment of security risks is a significant task more so on construction sites. Construction sites are more prone to criminal activities, accidents, and other such mishappenings. These assessments bring out the changes to the work environment which help to plan out the improvements required. Let us discuss the process of risk assessment on your construction site systematically. 

1. Identify the security risks

Security risks on a construction site are dependent upon several factors. It varies from site to site, the number of workers, the type of machinery, the value of equipment, the location, and the project type. Therefore the first step becomes the identification of already existing security risks.

These are some of the common occurring security risks to be found at ta construction sites.

  • The premise is not secure, there are no secure gates, barricades or CCTVs surveillance.
  • Trespassing seems quite easy.
  • Unauthorized people have access to the site.
  • The quality of lighting across the site needs improvement.
  • Tools and machinery are not secured.
  • Workers do not have adequate information about security threats.
  • The neighborhood is witnessing high crime rates.

2. Assess and prioritize risks

After identifying the risks, it comes to sorting them out based on their importance. Prioritizing and labeling the risks as high, low, or medium will help in finding solutions easily. You can seek help from your local bodies, such as the council, the police and the fire department for evaluating these risks. Moreover, Rangers Security Agency helps you out in an effective way to identify all the potential threats and assess the overall security requirements of the construction site.

3. Come up with a mitigation plan

Once the risks have been identified and prioritized, a mitigation plan should be launched. The plan should introduce all the prevention controls specific to each risk identified. If required the plan would have to include investing in quality access control systems, reaching out to security agencies, or carrying out thorough CSCS card checks.

4. Review and update

Construction sites are susceptible to constant changes therefore the mitigation plan put in action requires monitoring and upgradation on a regular basis. What is identified as a risk initially may not be a risk anymore and new risks may have developed. All these uncertainties can only be established when the plans are reviewed and changes are carried out.

Security risk assessments should be ongoing parallel to the project and updates should be proposed according to the internal and external working conditions on the construction site.

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