Private Security vs Public Law Enforcement

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Safety, security, protection. These are primarily what private security companies and public law enforcement agencies have in common. Though almost the same in “purpose,” these two forces are still different.

Public law enforcement or public security officers is basically the police force.  They are sheriffs, detectives, and officers working for the local, county, state, and federal offices. Public security officers are trained and employed by the government to implement the law.

On the other hand, Private security companies are civilians trained and disciplined in the art of protection working for themselves, or under the employment of a security company.

Here’s a little list of differences between the two agencies:

Scope Of Protection

Public security officers are duty-bound to protect the area they are assigned to. They are restricted and limited by government rules too.

Private security agencies offer more options in terms of work. Private security officers can work as a personal guard, patrol, crowd control, or as an undercover protector.


Public police are authorized to make arrests whenever necessary and as long as it is within the law. They have legal authority in the eyes of the public.

Private security officers have more authority in the private sector, in a property or building, as they are hired directly to manage the security of the property.


Private professional security doesn’t carry guns, most of the time, but still exudes authoritative presence. 

On the other end, law enforcement officers are trained to handle weapons and use them whenever needed.

Regulation and Accountability

Public police are governed by the law, therefore, they are regulated and held accountable. They pass standardized tests and training for them to serve the public while there is no definite and standard qualification for private ones. 

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