Access Control Security Officer: What do they do?

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What is Access Control?

Access control in security means restricting access to certain areas in a company, property, public property, or building. It can be a small room, a big area, or even an entire building. Providing access control can be done in two ways: 1.) Get an access control system; 2.) Hire an access control security guard.

Access control security personnel makes sure everything is safe and secure while providing an extra blanket of security for everyone. Access control officers follow a four-step safety protocol: detect, deter, observe, and report.

What Does an Access Control Officer Do?

1. Detects Suspicious Behavior

Security officers have been trained to keep people and property safe ad secured from criminals, and access control officers are one of them. They are professionals equipped with knowledge and skills to identify suspicious behavior ad activity for crime prevention.

2. Deters Criminal Activity

Criminals often survey the vicinity of their target properties before they make their moves. With uniformed guards present on your property, lawbreakers will think twice about plotting evil against you. Hiring unarmed personnel who can blend in with the crowd is another way to identify potential suspects and deter them from doing a crime.

3. Observes everything and everyone

To the normal eye, everything you see might be ordinary. But to the trained eye like security officers, something that seems normal might be suspicious. They are trained to use multiple CCTV cameras at any time, anywhere from one camera to sixty. Access control officers also do a perimeter check as part of their observation procedures.

4. Reports to Authorities

Access control officers are trained to work under highly stressful situations and in cases where suspicious activities are found, they immediately know what to do. They report to the proper authorities in case of emergency, accidents, or criminal activities. 

Access Control Security in Texas

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