5 Ways to Keep your Retail Store Safe from Shoplifters

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Every business needs security and this also includes retail stores. These stores are more at risk as compared to offices because anyone with cruel intentions can enter disguised as a customer. Thus, to prevent such cases of theft, vandalism, etc. retail stores need to have specialized security services. 

Let’s explore more about how you as a retail store owner can keep your business safe. 

Ways to Keep Retail Stores Safe 

Here are some ways you can follow to keep your retail stores safe from burglars, shoplifters, vandals, etc. 

  1. Secure the backroom doors with alarms 

Backroom doors can be an easy entry and exit for shoplifters. Thus, it is best to have alarms on the backroom doors. This also helps a lot when your store is operating at peak hours with several customers. Your employees can also focus better on their work instead of looking after the store’s safety. 

  1. Arrange the items wisely 

Placing expensive and small items near the exit would make it easier for shoplifters to grab any items and run. Thus, it is wise to place such items where your staff can easily monitor them. 

  1. Employ floor walkers 

Thieves usually don’t come alone. They bring in extra people with them who can create a scene or engage your staff in some business and fulfill their motives. Thus, it is best to have extra floor walkers or security guards around to prevent such an incident. 

  1. Hire security guards to check the bill

Shoplifters can buy an item or two but might leave with extra items. This is just a way to hide the stolen items. Thus, it is wise to have security guards on the exits who can tally the items bought with those mentioned in the bills. 

  1. Do not allow bags inside the store 

Small wallets are fine but you should not allow your customers to carry huge handbags, backpacks, sling bags, etc. inside the store. These become easy ways to ship things out without paying for them. 

Hiring guards to move around in the store is the best way to keep your items safe. You can hire a team of guards from the Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas. Call us now for more details.