High-Level Protection with Armed Security

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Security guards or security personnel are the primary way of protecting your properties and business. Not only do they bring in a sense of safety but also assure that you and your belongings are safe. 

You get two options when it comes to hiring security guards-armed security and unarmed security. Both these guards are trained respectively to fight different situations. Armed security guards are usually hired for high-level security. There are several benefits of hiring an armed security guard. Let’s take a look at them. 

Benefits of Hiring Armed Security Guards 

Armed and unarmed security guards have their benefits. Both are suitable for different threat levels and security purposes. Today, we will talk about the benefits of hiring armed security guards. 

  1. Extensively trained to operate firearms

Armed security personnel comes equipped with firearms like rifles and guns. These weapons are dangerous and guards need to be trained before they can use them. Thus, armed security guards receive relevant extensive firearm training before they begin their duties. 

  1. They also use other weapons 

Rifles and guns are not the arms these guards can operate. Some situations can be handled using weapons like batons and pepper spray. Though these are not life-threatening, they have still considered weapons, and the guards are trained to use them too. 

  1. Regular training at 4 monthly intervals 

Armed guards also undergo regular training at an interval every 4 months. This regular training keeps them active and alert for all sorts of situations. Regular training is mainly to keep the preparation for any future attacks and difficult situations. 

  1. Highly professional and trustworthy 

This is true not just for armed guards. All guards, unarmed or armed when hired from a reliable agency carry a professional approach towards everything. You can trust them with your safety. 

  1. They are insured and liable 

Armed guards are insured and liable for any unnecessary loss that they may cause. Thus, you can rest assured that your safety is in responsible hands. 

Hire Armed Guards Today! 

Armed security guards might cost you a little more than unarmed guards. This is mainly because of their training and liability insurance. However, you are likely to feel safer around armed guards. Thus, hire armed guards from Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas. Call us now to know more!