Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed Security Guard Services

As the name suggests, unarmed security guard services incorporate personnel’s who do not carry weapons while guarding a specific facility. Oftentimes, a business owner or homeowner may not want security professionals. With lethal weapons around their customers and family members because it may feel brash, overwhelming and too flashy. Additionally, a criminal may feel threatened by the presence of a weapon. So, the situation may escalate or go haywire without any reason. In such a scenario, these services are a better option to obliterate the security risks in a more discreet manner.

So, what are some of the benefits of having unarmed security guard services? Well, take a look below:

  • Increased safety
  • 360 degree protection
  • Mellow and easing

With the Ranger Security Agency, you get the option to choose unarmed security services as well. Some of these unique services provided by our security agency in Houston, Texas are numerated hereunder:

  • Uniformed and Unarmed Security officers
  • 24/7 Patrol Services
  • Off Duty Police Personnel
  • Parking Control
  • Medical Management and First Aid

All our officers have undergone the mandated training to provide you with the protection you need, all the time, any time.

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