Armed Guard Services

Ranger security agency prides itself on being one of the few security agencies in Houston that can provide highly trained, armed security officers for your residential or commercial needs.

Our armed security officers are mandated to go through at least 40+ hours of training before they can be certified as armed officers. For example, they spend on average a total of 10 hours with the FATS (Firearms Training System) machine, 10+ hours working on holster work/mechanics of a weapon, and another 20+ hours of the range itself with a qualified instructor.


An armed security officer can also be referred to as a standing guard but is licensed by top security organizations to carry a firearm while on duty. They are required to go through a re-qualification annually to ensure their continued capability of handling a firearm, especially since they are in view of the public.

Examples of armed officers used on location include:

  • Banks

  • ATM Response

  • Executive Protection
  • Prisoner Transport / Watch
  • Union Strikes

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Asset Protection / Property Loss
  • And many more…

If you are looking for a reliable armed guard service, don’t hesitate to contact Ranger security agency today!


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