Unarmed Security in San Antonio, TX

Protect your Business with the Presence of an Unarmed Guard

How secure your commercial property or offices are, directly impacts your daily trade. In the case of a retail store, you can have more visitors daily if your store is thoroughly safeguarded. You can have more clients if you own offices. Thus, it can be said that your business can flourish with the right amount of security. But where do you find reliable unarmed guards? 

The answer is simple, from Ranger Security Agency in San Antonio, Texas. We have multiple security options, out of which unarmed guards are a popular choice. Our guards are highly trained and can easily guard your property. Hence, get in touch today and hire the best team of unarmed guards.

San Antonio Guards
San Antonio Guards

Training and Experience are Essential for Unarmed Guards

Though unarmed guards don’t carry any firearms, they are still efficient in guarding your property. This is possible because of our intensive training programs. All our guards, armed or unarmed, both undergo this training. This makes them capable to handle all sorts of tough situations. They are also capable to deter crimes and protect you and your visitors. 

Ranger Security Agency’s Unarmed Guard Services for Extra Peace of Mind

No matter how large or small your property is, assuring its safety is very important. Hiring unarmed guards from Ranger Security Agency helps you in achieving exactly that. With our guards on duty, you can have peace of mind that your property is safe.

Handle Conflicts without Violence

One huge benefit of hiring unarmed guards is that you can avoid unnecessary violence on your property. These guards are trained to handle situations without involving any weapons and violence. With unarmed guards, your property remains safe without any violence.

What can an Unarmed Guard do for your Building?

Unarmed guards are trained to perform several activities. They can patrol your property to avoid any unauthorized entries and illegal activities. The guards can also deter criminal activities in time and inform the concerned authorities for further action. These guards will also be the first responders to any emergency.

No matter where you live or work, our security services got you covered across San Antonio and other regions of Texas.

Unnamed Security Guard FAQ

How to identify the need for unarmed guards?

If loss prevention and safety are your priorities, then unarmed guards are the best option for you.

How many unarmed guards will I need?

The number of guards can be decided after assessing your needs and the size of your property. 

Are unarmed guards worth it?

Unless your property is not under high threat, unarmed guards can help keep it safe.