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Keeping Your Dallas Property Safe and Secure

Owning a commercial property, residence, or construction site in Dallas comes with the responsibility of keeping it secure. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, ensuring the safety of your assets and the well-being of those within your space is paramount. Here at Ranger Security Agency, we understand that feeling of vulnerability and are dedicated to providing top-tier unarmed security services to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Rise of Unarmed Security Solutions in Dallas

Dallas, like many major cities, has seen a growing demand for unarmed security services. This trend can be attributed to several factors:



Unarmed security offers a comprehensive security solution at a competitive rate compared to armed security. Business owners and residents can achieve a sense of security without incurring additional costs associated with weapon maintenance and licensing.


Compliance with Regulations

Certain industries and locations have regulations restricting the use of firearms. Unarmed security provides a reliable alternative that adheres to these regulations while still offering effective security measures.


Positive Image

Unarmed guards present a welcoming and professional image, fostering a sense of security and trust within your business or residential environment. This can be particularly beneficial for retail stores, offices, and apartment complexes.


Focus on De-escalation

Our highly trained unarmed security guards are skilled in de-escalating situations and diffusing potential conflicts. This proactive approach minimizes the need for physical intervention and ensures the safety of everyone on your property.


Experienced and Qualified Guards

Customized Security Plans

24/7 Availability and Rapid Response

Advanced Security Technology

Local Expertise

Why Ranger Security is the Right Choice


Unwavering Commitment to Quality


Transparent Communication


Competitive Rates


Licensed and Insured


Proven Track Record

Unarmed Security Services Beyond Property Protection

While property protection is a primary concern, the Ranger Security Agency recognizes the importance of safeguarding individuals. Here’s how our unarmed security services can contribute to personal safety:

Event Security

Our experienced security guards can ensure the safety and security of your event attendees, staff, and vendors. We can handle crowd control, access management, and emergency response.

Executive Protection

We offer discreet and highly trained security personnel to provide personal protection for executives, VIPs, and high-profile individuals.

Personal Security

For those who require additional personal security measures, Ranger Security can provide residential security patrols or escort services.

Partnering with Ranger Security Agency

At Ranger Security Agency, we are more than just a security provider. We are your trusted partner in safeguarding your property, assets, and personnel. With our comprehensive approach to security, local expertise, and commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your Dallas property is in the best hands.

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