What is the role of Security Guards?

The main role of the Ranger Security Agency is to provide you with the security you need. We guard, patrol, monitor, and deter damage, violence, theft, threats, and other unlawful acts against our clients and their properties.

At Ranger Security Agency, we do the following:

  • Provides protection of property, assets, and persons from damage, harm, theft, or unlawful acts;
  • Provides monitoring services for specific areas or overall property, or event place;
  • Responds to a security alarm alert system; and
  • Serves as a crime deterrent who observes, detects, monitors, and reports unlawful activities.

Security Guard Services

Ranger Security Agency can provide you with the security services you need. You can choose from armed or unarmed officers or other special security guards for protection.

Armed Security: An armed security officer is a standing guard who is licensed by top security organizations to carry a firearm while on duty. They undergo a re-qualification yearly to ensure that they are capable of handling a firearm for safety especially when they are holding it in public.

Unarmed Security: Unarmed security officers are the same as armed security guards aside from the fact that they don’t hold firearms in public. They undergo training and are licensed by security organizations to provide protection.

Best Apartment Security Services in Austin, TX

Ranger Security Agency is a trusted name when it comes to hiring reliable security service not just in Austin, but also in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio areas.

All our officers have undergone the mandated training to provide you with the protection you need, all the time, any time.

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