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Are you a business/homeowner looking for security solutions? Well, you need to look no more as we are here to address all your security concerns. We are founded on the principles of honesty and protection, which makes us perfect for every establishment in McAllen, TX.

But, why choose Ranger security in McAllen for your security needs? Because we are competent at drafting plans for any security needs. Most of the security companies are only good at one aspect of security or providing either business or home security. However, due to our large outreach and training, our security company can take care of your home and business.

About us

We, at Ranger Security Agency, don’t start a relationship without getting to know each other. So, how about we tell you about us. Let us look at some of the facts, which can help you better understand us:

ounded on strong principles of ensuring security: As we said earlier, our goal is to ensure the security of your homes and businesses. We aim to become a part of your family and establish a fruitful relationship for all parties. We understand that losses due to security loopholes can lead to a lot of damage. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that security should be at the top-priority so other parts of the business can be concentrated upon.

A part of your neighborhood: We are not some huge conglomerate from the city, which aims at inflating your expense account. Our professionals understand the security requirements of McAllen and are extensively trained in handling the hairiest of situations. We are not here to sell you security solutions but to become a part of your neighborhood.

Customized solutions: The other companies out there advertise that their security team has cracked the one-size-fits-all approach. However, we are not here to give you impractical ideas. Our approach is simple: we will be surveying the establishment and charting our security needs. We understand the budgets of our clients and prices are affordable. According to the plan, we approach your security solutions and aim to provide a more personalized and custom approach.

Why choose us?

We wish to highlight some of the reasons why we would be the perfect solution for your security needs:


Customized Plans for security needs


Affordable plans


24x7 customer service


Experienced officers and guards


Guaranteed security


Tie-ups with local law enforcement

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