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Security Services for Lakeway, Texas

Ranger Security Agency is one of the leading security service providers around Texas. Years ago we had the dream to provide some of the best and most efficient security services in the state, and we started in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Today, we’re still working toward the goal of keeping our state crime-free, and we’ve expanded to cities like Lakeway, Texas. You can rest assured that everything we do will benefit you and will keep you well-protected.

For years on end, our team at Ranger Security Agency has worked with a high level of professionalism and care when it comes to providing safety and order. All of our clients can rest assured that each security officer we deploy is highly-skilled and well-trained to de-escalate any kind of situation or to diffuse tension in events.

There are so many challenges one can face when it comes to running a business – trust us, we know. Although the feeling that you get when you see the positive impact you’re providing is just so precious. This is what makes it worthwhile; don’t you think so?

Here at Ranger Security Agency, we’re aware of the difficulties our client might be dealing with at Lakeway, Texas, this is why we’re always aiming to help out.

If your concern has always been your safety and that of those around you, simply give us a call at Ranger Security Agency as we’re always keen to help you out. Know that you’re in excellent hands with Ranger Security Agency, and we will do our best to keep you safe.

The Services We Provide

Ranger Security Agency aims to provide the best security services in Lakeway, and we’re always here to keep you safe and well-protected.

The following are some of the security services provided at Ranger Security Agency:

  • Armed Security Services
  • Residential Security Services
  • Security Patrol Services
  • Event Security Services
  • Warehouse Security Services
  • Office Building Security Services
  • Unarmed Security Services
  • Government Institution and Facility Security Services
  • Mall Security Services
  • Shopping Center Security Services
  • High-Rise Security Services
  • Commercial Security Services

You can rest assured that your safety and protection are our priorities, so you can breathe a sigh of relief with our security officers patrolling your premises.

If you’re keen on elevating the safety of your family and your business, reach out to our team at Ranger Security Agency for a quote. 

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