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The Most Trusted Security Services in El Paso, Texas

You and your businesses’ safety shouldn’t be sabotaged, and this is why you ought to work with the most trusted security services in El Paso, Texas.

Ranger Security Agency

Ranger Security Agency is one of the best security agencies around Texas. We are one of the few security agencies licensed and permitted to operate in most major cities around the state. Not only that, but we have been serving our clients for years now, and our services can proudly speak for themselves.

Our main offices are located in Houston and Dallas, but today, we’re proud to offer our services to our clients in El Paso. We love this city, and we’re so glad that we get to serve our clients here. We do this job well, so you’re in good hands with Ranger Security Agency.

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Why Us?

We have been serving our clients in Texas for years, and we have done our best to keep our state safe. We have the technology to keep track of our client’s properties, and we always keep our clients updated with everything that has been happening daily.

Ranger Security Agency also has a 24/7 administrative team you ca reach out to should you need to discuss urgent matters regarding some of our services. Your convenience is highly important to us, and this is why we want you to be able to reach us in the fastest way possible.

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Security Services with the Best Value for Money

Here at Ranger Security Agency, we offer some of the best security services in El Paso. These services aren’t only the best in terms of professionalism and efficiency, but they’re also the best in terms of value for your money. We believe that a safe environment doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

This is why we offer only the best security services in El Paso while deploying well-trained and highly qualified security officers. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe!

Service areas

EL Paso
San Marcos
Fort Worth
Corpus Christi 

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Services We Offer

Ranger Security Agency offers multiple security services in El Paso. We also provide our clients with a customizable security plan that they can personalize according to their needs. This is something that not all security agencies offer, but we do.

Generally, our most famous security services are the following:


Armed Security Guards


Commercial Security Guards


Security Consulting


Unarmed Security Guards


Events Security Guards

Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities, and we will do our best to keep you safe.

So why not work with us today at Ranger Security Agency?