Why Should You Hire Unarmed Security Guards In San Antonio?

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Security officers defend and protect malls, nightclubs, jewelry stores or banks, outside residential homes, or other places. The main focus of these security officers is to safeguard products, property, or even people from various threats. Hence, people bring in these security officers whenever additional protection is required.

They are hired when people require extra safety and assurance for their business, family, or even themselves. These security guards are categorized as unarmed and armed guards. However, the task of both types of security guards is to provide protection-related services. Now you may wonder why someone would hire an unarmed and not armed guard?

Reasons For Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards primarily monitor and protect parties against criminal attacks and damage. They are always alert, respond to any emergencies, and patrol the premises. In addition, they also monitor video surveillance cameras and alarm systems to avoid mishappening. In cases of a security breach, they alert the police. Given below are the typical tasks of an unarmed security guard.

  • They assign command posts to another guard, distribute info requested by convention center visitors, and demonstrate successful written and verbal communication.
  • These guards ensure maximum communication levels with visitors and clients. They provide them with all the required information.
  • Unarmed security guards control how people come and exit the premises. They check identification, direct visitors, and enforce security company and client regulations.
  • Another duty is to replenish ATMs. They remove money and paper jams and ensure the proper functioning of ATMs. They also perform ATM deposit pulls,
  • They direct traffic at the business parking booth along with providing coverage in all parking lots.

Unarmed security guards can prove as efficient as armed guards in deterring crime and enhancing security. For instance, if a person intending to steal sees a guard, he can not guess if the guard has a weapon. People who vandalize, trespass, or burglarise do not want to be caught. These people will not risk being caught only to find out whether the security officer is armed or not. Therefore, the property will be unharmed and people will not dare to cross and commit any crime.

To Wrap It Up

Most events and businesses such as corporate security settings, retail loss prevention, general surveillance, entry access, and traffic control face lower security risks. They can benefit by simply employing unarmed security guards. However, you can hire armed officers if need be. But if the risk levels are low, hiring an unarmed security officer is the right option for you.

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