Why Should You Hire Security Guards for Your Wedding?

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Our wedding day is a wonderful occasion for many of us. We want everything to be perfect as we spend months of diligent planning and thousands of dollars in non-refundable deposits. But have you considered hiring security for a special occasion, such as a wedding? Well, if no, then you’re not alone. Hiring security at a wedding is less noticeable than cakes and a flawless gown, and it’s quickly forgotten.

Here are some reasons why security guards should be considered for the big day.

Beware of Wedding Crashers

The prospect of unwelcome visitors is real, not simply a comedy for the big screen. You may believe it will never happen to you, but there is nothing separating your wedding from a crowded open bar. There are always crashers at a party! Hired security keeps track of vendors, maintains guest lists, and confirms that everyone who enters your wedding was invited.

Preventing Embarrassment

It should not be your responsibility as the bride and groom to resolve conflicts with or between guests. And you might say something you later think is wrong in the heat of the moment, on an emotionally charged day that’s supposed to be all about you. Outbursts, conflicts, and other disruptions can be handled with delicacy by professional security personnel. 

Safeguard Your Most Valuable Assets

Without blinking an eyelash, security can keep a table full of expensive gifts safe. Have you considered that each of your visitors parked their most expensive asset in an open parking lot? Alternatively, most of us believe that our most important possessions are safe in our cars. Unsecured parking lots attract car thieves and, at the absolute least, leave wedding guests stranded. 

In-House Crowd Control

While party crashers are a pain, weddings and other large gatherings aren’t immune to turmoil from the guests you’ve invited, especially if you have a long guest list. There’s also the danger that any open bar poses. Even in dry weddings, there’s a good probability that one or two guests may bring in contraband or start the celebration early. In short, visitors and liquor equal trouble, and on your big day, you’ll want someone other than yourself and your soon-to-be-spouse to handle tipsy guests and party-goers who have exceeded their bounds.

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