What Are The Duties of San Antonio Security Guards?

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Any commodity ranging from commercial items and buildings to private and government property requires security. The security chain of command begins with reliable and efficient security guards. These security guards are in charge of protecting information, individuals, buildings, and property.

The types of common security guards are :

  1. Private Security Guard
  2. Government Security Guard
  3. In-house Security Guards
  4. Video Surveillance Security Guard
  5. Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Some of their duties as a San Antonio security guard are as follow:

  1. Being Proactive: A security guard is the first person you meet before entering a building or meeting someone. Security guards must be able to anticipate the needs of their clients and act accordingly. Security guards are trained in human behavior to be able to anticipate and prevent a threatening situation. Being proactive also means keeping a check and providing additional security measures. The duty of a security guard also includes making prompt decisions when a crisis arises in case of emergencies.
  1. Visible and Alert: When a protected facility, building, or person observed with a security detail becomes unapproachable. An invader has to think twice before considering an attack. A visible and alert security guard helps in maintaining order. Security guards on night duty are required to be alert and ready for combat. Intuition is a factor of a reliable and stable security guard as they are responsible for the safety of lives and valuables.
  1. Quick Response: While some security guards are armed and some unarmed, it is imperative to be responsive. Security guards are trained in medical care to help victims until an ambulance arrives. Nevertheless, basic training such as CPR, evacuation, and fire rescue are part of the program. When an incident occurs the security guard must take what they are guarding to safety before dealing with the intruders.
  1. Customer Service: A security must have excellent communication skills. They must keep their calm in suspicious situations and conduct an investigation discreetly. Security guards must also calmly communicate with their employers to avoid chaos. Managing large crowds is also part of the duties that a security guard must perform.

In Conclusion

The main task or duty of a security guard is to protect and maintain order. Their priority in tough situations is to alert authorities immediately and engage in a rescue mission. Strong and stable mental health is also a crucial part of the duties of a San Antonio security guard.

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