Unarmed vs Armed Security Guards in Austin, TX

by | May 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

As a business or property owner, protecting the safety of your building, property, employees, and customers is essential. The kind of security you need for your company depends on the specific requirements or the issues you’re facing.

The main distinction between armed and unarmed security guards is that unarmed security personnel do not carry firearms. The sort of security you select should be appropriate for your company’s demands and hazards. If you’re deciding whether to hire armed or unarmed security guards, you’ll need professional help assessing the risk in your business and determining what you need.

Unarmed Guard Services

Security professionals who do not have the skill or training to wield firearms are known as unarmed guards. Without using high-impact weapons, unarmed security guards defend your property, assets, and personnel. The unarmed guards can employ batons or pepper spray in unavoidable situations, even though they do not utilize high-impact weapons.

Unarmed guards with a professional appearance have a high authority presence to deter theft and damage. Unarmed security guards can defend people, assets, and property while maintaining a calm and collected demeanor to defuse potentially violent situations.

Armed Guards Services

Armed security guards are highly trained security personnel who have completed intensive training in the safe use of firearms and other lethal weapons. Because they work in more dangerous circumstances, armed security guards provide more hands-on safety. If you run a business where extreme violence is a possibility, the armed security guards are trained to handle it.

Armed guards are appropriate for businesses with essential assets or a high risk of violence, theft, or vandalism. Having armed security officers on the premises may dissuade criminal activity, and criminals are usually hesitant to throw their lives on line by engaging with these guards.

If you own a business or real estate, you’ve probably considered your security requirements. As a business owner, its your perogative to protect the safety of your employees, customers, and property. Using the services of a security firm is an excellent method to prevent potentially costly incidents such as theft and damage. 
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