What Does Armed Guard Services in Austin, TX Entail?

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When people talk about security guards, armed security guards are one of the most commonly pictured guards. They’ve been sighted at various businesses and events to protect and secure clients and attendees.

So, who exactly are they? Armed security guards are highly trained professionals who perform duties that carry a great deal of responsibility. The majority of them are current or former police enforcement or military personnel. They’ve completed the necessary registration and training to be able to carry a firearm while performing security tasks. In the sense that you see them in high-risk circumstances, the protection these guards provide is more hands-on. If a situation requires force or violence, armed security personnel have been trained to deal with it.

Duties and Responsibilities of Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards’ primary responsibility is to deter potential threats while also actively responding to those already present. Their other roles and duties include:

  • Conducting security and safety patrols 
  • Threat evaluations
  • Granting access to a property or an event
  • As needed, assisting management with security-related responsibilities
  • Assisting to and communicating with the general public
  • As required, coordinate with law enforcement.
  • Keeping track of daily activities and compiling reports
  • Prevent illegal entry to the region and its contents.
  • Keep an eye on closed-circuit television for any potential problems.
  • Defending against criminal activities such as assaults, violence, and hate.

What Kinds of Businesses Require Armed Guard Security?

If your business falls into one of the higher-risk groups listed above, or you are more likely than others to be targeted by criminals, you should consider hiring armed guards. An armed security guard is the best option if your company:

  • Handles a substantial sum of money.
  • Has valuable goods such as artwork or jewels.
  • Hosts big events, such as fights and other sporting activities, attract large audiences that might be difficult to handle.
  • It is in an area where crime is on the rise.

Find Armed Security Guard Services in Austin, TX

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