Unarmed Security Guard in Houston, TX

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

The crime statistics of our country is beyond belief. It is estimated that a robbery happens every 23 seconds and an assault happens every 39 seconds. These stats give the impression that crime never stops in this country. 

However, that does not mean that our job is to just sit behind and give in to this phenomena. We have to gather our senses and find the right way to deal with this problem. At Ranger Security Agency, we specialize in providing our clients with highly trained unarmed security guards to protect against any such risk. 

Read on further to find out the use of these unarmed security guards:

Crime Deterrence

Criminals are always on the lookout to make easy bucks. This is why they are always on the lookout for places with thin or no security. Nevertheless, when they see a guard who is driving around the place or is standing at the door, it becomes a challenge. 

Criminals also do not want to get caught while doing their acts. And, bypassing their way around security is too much of a work. Plus, if they get caught it leads to a huge sentence. 

Fear Factor

Perhaps you may have the knowledge that your security guards do not have any guns. However, this bit of information is not revealed to the people. Therefore, the people may also work under the apprehension that the security personnel may be armed. 

In these cases, people who are even getting rowdy or trying to cause a scene are stopped in their tracks. 


You can install as many security cameras and other security gear around your premises. There will always be areas, which need human attention. This may include dark alleyways and parking lots. 

These areas are hotspots for crime to breed and may also pose a threat to your staff. The unarmed security guard can help you protect these areas. 

Asset Protection

There can be a number of things in your store. It is not possible for your staff to keep a vigilance over the smallest of items. The stores can get swiped at any time. Your unarmed security guard will keep a strict vigil over the items. 

They can also be used to check receipts at the door and prevent people from leaving the outlet without paying for it.