The Necessary Activities of Unarmed Security Guards Can Comply For You

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Irrespective of where we are today, be it corporate buildings, malls, hospitals, and community places, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards protecting the premises are very important so as to prevent possible threats.

They have no idea of what risks and incidents they might face, or what the day brings for them. Here’s a list of activities that experienced and expertly trained Unarmed Security Guards can perform at your properties.

Vehicle Patrolling

It’s the duty of the security patrols to ensure that the facilities are secured. Unarmed Security Guards must examine and detect suspicious incidents while on vehicle or foot patrol. While on vehicle patrol, they must monitor the premises and the confidential resources of contracted customers.

Closely look at all possible entry and exit points while patrolling.

Conduct vehicle screening in the parking lot to check vehicle safety and take care of vehicle maintenance issues.

Safety Hazards

Monitor suspicious and unusual activity happening on the premises that may lead to a security hazard in the future.

Identify immediately the security safety hazard, to begin with, and report to concerned police authorities accordingly.

In case anything happens that is violating code enforcement, report immediately to leaders for taking care of safety hazards.

Monitor your property occasionally to prevent possible activities of violence, burglary, murders, or any violation of rules.

Emergency Situations

Unarmed security guards are professionally trained to react and use their effective judgment skills to respond in emergencies.

Carry out first aid practices until medical personnel arrives.

Assist residential and commercial people in managing a health crisis, or even death emergencies.

Provide well-managed and coordinated security solutions in emergencies.

Provide security assistance while enforcing rules and regulations in day to day activities.

Customer Service

While serving with outstanding interpersonal skills, offer exceptional customer services and client relations.

Provide specialized escort services to the guest of honor at events and parties.

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