The Difference between Security Guards and Police Officers

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

Security guards and police officers may have slight differences. Discussed below is a brief outline explaining the main differences between private security guards and police officers.

Security guards can be mistaken for police officers because of their common uniforms, equipment, and function. However, there are several key differences between private security guards and public police officers. Security guards and personnel have powers given from their designated state.

Their powers are termed ‘Agent of the Owner’ powers through their contract or agreement with the client that hired them.

Agent of the owner Powers gives security guards the power to question without a probable cause, being that they are protecting private property, not public. Security guards are assigned to keep private property and people safe from criminal, natural, or emergency hazards, while police officers oversee the security of neighborhoods, towns, and communities by law. The key difference between security guards and police officers are their duty of protecting private property versus enforcing the law.

Some security watchmen are also police officers and in special instances, they too are obligated to enforce the law in the absence of on-duty police officers, though in rare circumstances.

Security guards could be armed or unarmed depending on their job specifications and qualifications. Professional training is required in both instances and qualifications again vary depending on the jurisdiction in charge of defining ‘Agent of the Owner’ responsibilities.