The Best Security Guard Companies to Work for in the United States

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Are you prepared to enter the job market after receiving the greatest education and training to become a security professional? Are you rehearsing the interview questions? Did you polish your resume? Did you start applying?

If not, this article will help you find the best security guard companies to work for.

  1. NASA

If you want to work in the most exciting and prestigious places, you should apply to NASA. Security officers in NASA protect the planet’s base for extraterrestrial operations, laboratories, data centers, and rocket facilities.

Applying to NASA is a great opportunity, especially since the race to Mars is underway. The salary range is from 148K-254K. It’s hard to apply to NASA, but with proper credentials, it can be yours.

  1. Securitas USA

Securitas is a huge company. They have offices in more than 200 places around the country. It wouldn’t be shocking if they didn’t have a branch in your city, given that they are America’s most locally-focused security organization.

This business is ideal for people just starting, thanks to their thorough online and ongoing teaching. You shouldn’t have any trouble relocating to Securitas if you only meet and maintain compliance with your local municipal licensing standards. The salary range from 24K-28K.

  1. Allied Universal

You can join the Allied Universal family even if you have little to no security experience. The same local municipal licensing criteria apply to Security Guard firms as a whole. In addition to having facilities in almost all major cities across the country, Allied Universal also has operations in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.

The salary range from 24K-28K.

  1. G4S

Because each G4S officer is carefully vetted and trained following their skills and qualifications, they are all consistently treated with high regard. With the appropriate local municipal licensing requirements, both armed and unarmed roles are possible. Acceptance is quite selective. People with a proven history in the military, or police, or with an associate’s degree or higher in discipline service are typically sought after.

You shouldn’t let that discourage you because it is still possible to work for G4S if you have at least a year of successful, verifiable security experience. Be ready to work with extensive training material though. The salary range from 25K-30K.

  1. Guardsmark

If you’re hoping to safeguard senior executives or work as an undercover spy, applying to Guardsmark would be a sensible move. You should be aware that they claim to be America’s most selective security firm, so don’t be shocked if you’re asked to take a polygraph exam. The pay ranges from 22K-40K.

These are just five of the best security guard company to work for in the US, there are more.

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