Security Service Costs and the Factors That Influence Them

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Security is one of the basic needs when establishing a business. Of course, with the rising crime rates today, it’s vital to invest in hiring a security service.

Hiring a security service from a reputable provider, like Ranger Security Agency, will help prevent theft, vandalism, assault, and more – that’s a guarantee.

The cost of hiring a security service is usually taken into account by business owners because it’s part of the business expenses. This article will give our readers an overview of how much it costs to hire a security service.

The Costs of Hiring a Security Service

The hourly rate for security guards ranges from $10.17 to $24.19, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (updated in May 2019). But several factors can affect the hourly rate and whole costs of security services.

Here are the factors that influence the costs of hiring security services:

Are they armed or not?

Yes, the hourly rate of armed security personnel is different from that of unarmed security personnel.

An armed guard will cost extra to hire because of the training requirements and work duties. They typically take on life-threatening responsibilities as part of their employment.

What’s the level of experience?

The level of experience influences the hourly rate of security personnel. Just like in corporate settings, an accomplished individual requires a higher pay rate compared to less experienced ones. Usually, security staff with law enforcement or military experience has an hourly rate of $25.

Where is the business located?

The deployment location of the security personnel can also affect the costs. The main reason is the risk involved in the location. Some locations have a higher crime rate compared to others.

What’s their type of business?

The client’s business also impacts the costs of hiring a security service. If a client owns a high-value business, the payment for a security service is also significantly higher. It’s because the danger involved with those high-value products or service are also higher.

Do they have specialized training?

If a business needs security personnel with specialized training, they also need to pay extra.

When do they work?

In some companies, the hourly rate for security guards may vary depending on the time of day. The hourly rate of security guards who work in the morning is different from guards who work at night.

In conclusion, the price of hiring security guard services may differ based on different factors. Some may cost a lot. But no amount can be compared to the safety and security they can give you, your clients, your employees, your assets, etc.

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