How many Security Guards Should I Hire at My Event?

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Are you planning an event in your area? Well, then you must be thinking about hiring security. Security is one of the most crucial things to plan for while arranging any type of an event. Whether it is a small or big gathering, security should be at the top of your list. 

So, when do you need security for an event? What is the best number of security guards that you need for an event? Having a dedicated security team can help you ensure the safety of your guests, prevent accidents and reduce any liability. They also help you to protect the property and enforce the rules of the event. 

Security Events Protection by Ranger Security Agency

We at Ranger Security Agency are adept at handling security for your events. The areas in a city may not require the presence of security guards. However, it is always a good idea to have your event full of security. 

Moreover, if your event is handling alcohol, then it becomes ever more important. The success of your event is dependent upon the decision you make. And, hiring security will be the most important one. 


So, firstly ask yourself – what is this venue and what are its characteristics? If you’re the owner of the place, then it might be your job to arrange for security. Nevertheless, even if you’re just the organizer, make sure that security presence is felt. Without the same, the chances of your event descending into chaos is widened. 

Number of guests

Now, count the number of people who will be coming. If it is just you and a couple of friends, then security guards are not needed. But, if you’re looking forward to more than a footfall, then security should be a good option. 

Also look for the fact whether there will be alcohol in your event. A crowd can get out of hand pretty quickly if there is alcohol involved. 

How much security is needed for an event?

It is estimated that you need about 1 guard for every 100 people. So, a smaller event might have a couple of hundred people in a wide area. At such an event, you want to hire guards to watch over the entire area. This would mean that the entire area is secured.