Security Company or In-House Guards: What Do You Need For Your San Antonio Business?

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you are someone who is confused between hiring an in-house guard or a security company for your business then you are at the right place. The confusion is very much normal as one has to take into account a lot of things before making the right choice.

However, as security really matters in the current world scenario, you cannot completely let go of it. Also, cost is something which is also taken into serious consideration before hiring a security service as most people want value for their money when it comes to hiring services.

Having said that, here’s a comprehensive idea of everything you need to look at!


If you want to hire a security service then you will have to shell out some money. So, be prepared for that! You will need to advertise the opening, look through relevant resumes, and also have to interview people in order to shortlist the best candidate for the job. This is where security vendors come into play. If you work with a vendor then you will not have to pay any hiring costs.


If you hire a guard then he becomes a full-time employee of your company. Now, we all know that you will have to pay him even during holidays as workers do need a vacation or days off.

If you work with a security company then you will not have to pay the guard when he is on a holiday. As security companies handle such things internally, they are the ones who handle the holidays of guards too. They will also replace the guard for you so that you don’t have to face any issues.


As we already know, new employees require training. They need it to understand the workings of your company and also to know their job. If you hire the employee by yourself then you will have to incur the additional costs associated with the training of the said employee. But, if the same job is done by a third party then you will be able to save up on the extra costs and also save time.


If you hire a third party organization for your security then you will not have to worry about the uniforms or boots of the personnel. The agency will do the same for you and you get to save money.


A security guard can not work properly if he/she does not have the right equipment to perform their duties. Equipment such as batons, radios, and torches need to be arranged. Now as a company owner, we are sure that you can use your time somewhere else in a more productive way.

Hiring a security vendor will absolve you from the job of arranging and managing equipment for your security team as they are the ones who will take care of that.


Hiring a vendor is always better when it comes to security because they get the job done in a professional way. Also, they know their job and their rates don’t change till the contract is legally binding. Hence, it is better to contact a vendor to handle your security.

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