Important Roles of an Armed Security Officer

By RSA | June 16, 2020

Now that crime rates are on the increase in society, someone should be assigned to take care of our security, and that’s where an armed security officer comes in! It is a hard decision to enlist the services of security officers to keep a regular check on our property and loved ones because we have…

Hiring a Security Guard for Your Business

By RSA | June 16, 2020

Private security guards have reduced the burden on law enforcement agencies for many years. The majority of business owners say that the presence of security guards is more effective at crime prevention than high-tech security systems. If you’re still not making a decision on whether to hire a security guard for your business or not,…

The Difference between Security Guards and Police Officers

By RSA | June 6, 2020

Security guards and police officers may have slight differences. Discussed below is a brief outline explaining the main differences between private security guards and police officers. Security guards can be mistaken for police officers because of their common uniforms, equipment, and function. However, there are several key differences between private security guards and public police…