Is your business at risk after hours?

by | May 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Is your company safe after hours? When your doors are shut, who is protecting your valuable assets? After typical business hours, security provides a new set of issues. As a business owner or manager, it’s critical to identify your after-hours risks so you can fix them and keep your company safe.

Theft and vandalism are examples of crimes that can happen at any time. Bad actors, on the other hand, are more inclined to target your property when they believe no one will be around. You may stop criminals in their tracks and prevent them from getting away with their crimes by hiring expert security guards to monitor the premises and patrol the property after hours.

Vacant buildings are high targets. 

You probably have busy hours of the day depending on the type of your business. Employees, customers, and visitors come and go, making your facility less vulnerable to a security concern. However, if your building is unoccupied, you may become the victim of a crime. While some crimes may not be reason for alarm, others can result in significant property damage and cost you a significant sum of money.

Protection of after-hours workers.  

When your business is idle, security guards might be useful in protecting staff who may feel dangerous. Your personnel can be escorted to and from the parking lot by security guards. They can conduct patrols of the property, both inside and out, to ensure that no suspicious activity is taking place. Security guards can also keep people out of the building if they don’t have the right credentials. All of these things can help your staff feel more secure while working after hours.

Vendors may not know security protocols. 

Maintenance employees, cleaning crews, and other service professionals are among the vendors who arrive and go in the evenings or early morning hours at some firms. No matter who comes and goes, security guards can ensure that the premises are properly guarded. They can keep an eye on access and verify credentials.

Security services provided by Firewatch.

At any time, a fire can break out. Security guards trained in fire detection can be deployed to identify elements that could lead to a fire. They’re looking for smoke or other signs that there’s a fire going on. When this occurs, they immediately notify the authorities and adhere to a stringent set of regulations and record keeping that helps you secure your assets while also saving you money.