Deciding on Armed or Unarmed Security Guards in Austin, TX

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Building owners must ensure their staff, customers, and properties are always safe. This can easily be achieved by hiring a competent team of guards. Security guards deter criminals and discourage them from committing criminal activities. There are so many guards that can help maintain safety levels in a building. But how do you tell when to hire an armed or unarmed team?

Settling on Armed or Unarmed – Making the Choice

Business owners prioritize securing their business and employees. This means that they take all measures to ensure that the property and lives of customers and employees are always secured. Therefore, the choice of the guard to hire is important. 

Usually, this depends on the business’s challenges and your business type. For example, high-risk businesses require armed guards, while non-risk businesses can work well with an unarmed guard team. Make sure the security guard type you choose matches your business risks.

Unarmed Guards – Why you Should Choose Them

This group of security guards is not trained to handle firearms. Therefore, they offer protection without using high-impact weapons. Usually, they don’t need to use weapons, but in unavoidable circumstances, they may use batons and pepper sprays. Their presence, however, is enough authority to prevent vandalism and trigger calmness in cases of disarray. In addition, several advantages come with hiring unarmed guards. These include:

  • Saving money. The fact that you do not have to spend so much money buying arms or paying for them comes at a discount.
  • Reduced liability. In most cases, you are liable for the actions of the guards you hire. Since unarmed guards are trained to deter criminals using non-lethal weapons, you never have to worry about accidental shootings or injuries.
  • They are excellent if you can have easy access to the police. They will always contact the police in case they need backup.
  • Unarmed guards ensure that everyone is relaxed. The presence of arms can be uncomfortable for some people. You do not want this happening to you.

Armed Guard Services

This group of security guards undergo specialized training to equip them with skills to handle arms appropriately. They are important if you need hands-on support in risky situations. Hire armed guards in case your business could turn into extreme violence. Top gains of armed guards include:

  • Increased sense of security. Armed guards heighten the sense of security and discourage robbers and other criminals from considering an attack.
  • They come highly trained. This means that they can avert a potential crisis in minutes. They can comfortably handle dangerous situations.
  • Fast response to crime. Armed security guards are quick and always act fast, even before police arrive. Usually, they can avert serious property damage and even save lives before the police arrive.
  • They undergo background checks. It is difficult to entrust people with firearms unless they are stable enough to handle them. As such many go through serious background checks. You are thus assured that they will not cause any unexpected accidents.
  • They are your first line of defense. You may not always have law officers come to your rescue fast enough. Armed guards are a plus in such cases, especially when there is an invasion.

Now that you know the difference between the two types of guards, you want to be sure that you are hiring the right one. Make sure you assess your security needs, figure out the budget and settle based on your needs. Ranger Security is a perfect consideration for both types of armed guards. Get in touch with them for help in Austin, TX and the surroundings.