Deciding Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in Austin, TX

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Security is increasingly becoming an important aspect of the business. Having a security guard stationed at your business is one of the best ways to reassure clients and customers and restore a sense of safety. In addition, security guards deter potential criminals from committing crimes that would otherwise hurt your business. 

It  is obvious that hiring a security guard is a major contributing factor to successfully running a business. But how do you choose between an armed and unarmed guard for your business premises? Keep reading to know what matters.

What is the difference?

Unarmed guards do not carry any firearms. Instead, they may have non-lethal protection, including spray guns, tasers, and batons. On the other hand, armed guards go through extensive training to equip them with the right skills to handle firearms. This prepares them to perform high-security level duties. Businesses choose between the two types of guards depending on their needs. The budget also plays an important role in choosing what works.

Which Option is more Sensible?

It makes more sense to hire an armed security guard if the business is extremely high risk. For example, armed guards are ideal for banks, large hospitals, tech organizations, and courthouses. On the other hand, unarmed guards are ideal for low-threat businesses where most of the work is mainly monitoring security cameras and surveillance. They are perfect for school setups and retail businesses.

So when should you consider hiring an armed security guard? Do so if the following scenarios apply to you:

  • You live in a high-crime area
  • You own expensive items such as jewelry and artwork that is publicly known
  • You handle large sums of money frequently
  • You host events that are likely to trigger fights

Consider your business from a point exposed to low or high crime risk and decide accordingly. It makes more sense to hire an armed guard if you are afraid of vandalism. It is always advisable to contact security sp[ecilst if you cannot gauge the threat risks.

Top Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

  1. Budget resource: Armed guards are more expensive than unarmed guards. They also come with insurance, training, and experience to handle almost all types of security issues. However, unarmed guards are also effective because they are trained to communicate effectively and handle minor security challenges. They also know how to call for armed backup if the situation escalates.
  2. Primary security concerns: You also choose a guard based on your needs and concerns. Lower-risk situations call for unarmed security guards, while high-risk situations warrant an armed guard. Always make a sensible decision.
  3. Threat level: Armed guards work in highly threatening scenarios while unarmed ones in areas with minimal to no threats.

The choice of selecting a security guard for your business is purely personal. Go with a guard that matches your needs, and consider your budget. If you are unsure how to proceed, get in touch with security experts near you. We will help you decide on the right guard for your business if you are in Austin, TX. Feel free to talk to us any day.