Can Armed Security Guards Provide a Higher Level of Protection?

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

In this day and age, having a security guard can be such a helpful thing, especially in such a big city like Houston, Texas. Although, we know that it’s never easy to see the presence of an armed security officer, given the shooting incidents that we have been experiencing around the country these last few years.

However, we’re here to tell you that Armed Security Guards, especially those that we deploy at Ranger Security Agency, are all well-trained and highly skilled when it comes to doing their jobs.

Plus, we have the proper license and accreditation to carry firearms, so you can have that peace of mind as well.

Ranger Security Agency is one of the leading security service providers around Texas, and we ensure that every single security guard we deploy is professional and efficient. Not only that, but we ensure that every single Armed Security Guard that we deploy is licensed and fully equipped to carry the firearms that will be assigned to them.

You can have that peace of mind in knowing that you’re in safe hands here at Ranger Security Agency, and you can rest assured that we only want what’s best for you – that’s a guarantee.

Here at Ranger Security Agency, all of our Armed Security Guards will have the following:

  • They will receive extensive training in firearms.
  • They will also receive training in how to use batons and training when it comes to the proper handling of pepper spray.
  • They will undergo continuous training once every four months.
  • They will undergo an intensive vetting process to ensure that they are fully equipped.
  • They will be highly professional and efficient.

It’s also best to know that most of our Armed Security Guards are former or off-duty military officers, so they know how to handle firearms and they know how to de-escalate emergencies.

We can guarantee your safety and the safety of those you love and care about too – you’re in great hands with our team at Ranger Security Agency.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call today at Ranger Security Agency to know more information about our Armed Security Guards. Know that we only want what’s best for you – that’s for sure.