AutoMotive Security Guards in Austin, TX – What They Do

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Security guards are an important component in many factors of the economy. Business and residential properties rely on their services. One sector that benefits immensely from the services of security guards is the AutoMotive industry. Guards are an important factor in their daily security.

What they Do

Automotive security guards deal with the following:

  • Patrol parking lot and enforce parking rules
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance
  • Access Control (Checking employees’ badges)
  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Implementing an ID system for your employees
  • Provide security guard trailer if neededGuard shack if required
  • Patrol the facility and report illegal activities management
  • Lobby Ambassador
  • Keep your showroom safe and secure during and after regular operating hours.
  • Record and store high-quality video, ensuring that you can see your buildings, lots, and vehicles at all hours of the day

What to Expect from Automotive Security Guards

Automotive security guards protect your automotive dealership from many things, including vandalism and theft. This ensures that your liability is reduced significantly. But what makes them worth engaging? Below are some things you should expect to hire automotive security guards, like Ranger Security Agency in Austin, TX, for your business.

  • Keep your showroom safe and secure during and after regular operating hours
  • 24-hours Supervision.
  • Guards tailored to your needs.
  • Wireless time clocks installation
  • Access to all day and night management services  
  • No Trespassing & Warning signs installed 

Consider calling your automotive security guard any time. This helps you take charge of the security around your automotive business. Help your customers feel safe even as they go around the showroom.