Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in Austin, TX

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Unfortunately, crime against businesses is a common occurrence in this world. Therefore measures need to be taken to safeguard the employees, customers, and property. One of the measures taken is to hire a security guard. There are two types of security guards: Armed and Unarmed. Each comes with its own pros and cons. We will discuss both types in the following sections.

How Security Guards Can Help?

The obvious benefit of hiring security guards is to deter criminal activities. Secondly, the presence of security guards instill a sense of calmness and safety in the surrounding. This motivates the employees and customers to work without any concern. Security guards also escort people to cars or monitor premises for any signs of danger. They help in investigating and alerting proper authorities in case of any emergency.

Security guards can also help with crowd management, parking, access controls, and traffic controls. They have trained in executing first aid and CPR so that they can respond quickly and correctly. The presence of security guards provides a sense of peace of mind to business owners and employees.  

Unarmed Security Guard Services in Austin, TX

Security guards are an integral part of the security plan. However, not all businesses require armed guards. Unarmed security guards to just monitor the premises and report to respective authorities may be the minimum requirement for small businesses generally. Unarmed guards are not less effective than armed ones. They monitor the property, escort people, carry out traffic control and help in investigations. The only disadvantage is that they are not allowed to carry firearms but they can still de-escalate situations that may take a nasty turn.

Armed Security Guard Services in Austin, TX

For businesses that require an extra layer of security like banks, casinos, and other business dealing in large amounts of cash, armed security guards are a better solution. They are also used in schools, hospitals, and other places where the risk of violence is high. They offer a higher level of security, respond quickly, and have the authority to use force. The high visibility of armed security on your premises will discourage criminal activities.

If you wish to hire armed security guards, make sure to go for trained and licensed professionals. The responsibility of protecting multiple lives and assets rest on your shoulder.

If you own a business that requires armed security guards, make sure to hire only trained and licensed professionals. You don’t want to take any chances regarding the safety of your employees or customers.Ranger Security Agency can provide the protection and trust you need. For more information about our armed and unarmed security services, please call us at (512) 300-4126. We look forward to hearing from you!