4 Safety Tips for First-Time On-Duty Security Officers

by | Mar 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

As an on-duty security officer, your ability to ensure the safety of the people you serve is contingent on how safe you feel on the job. The quality of your service is directly proportional to your capacity to protect and manage yourself in stressful situations.

You will have to deal with cases of crimes such as theft, disturbance, or assault on a regular basis. Although you will have learned a lot in training, there is still a lot more to learn on the job. As an on-duty security officer, these four important strategies help you stay safe and avoid dangerous situations.

  1. Check Your Equipment

Before you start your shift, be sure to check if your communication and protective equipment are functional to do your job properly. Prepare for the possibility that something unexpected may occur, and you’ll be well equipped to deal with the situation effectively.

Malfunctioning radio equipment, for example, might prevent you from speaking with the rest of your team while de-escalating a potentially dangerous scenario. Tight clothes might also make it difficult to move swiftly if you need to react quickly. If you inspect your equipment ahead of time, you can spot problems early and notify your management for further action.

2. Know Your Surroundings

You need to use all of your senses and keep a close eye on your surroundings on your first day. To avoid losing your grasp during high-pressure situations, you should become comfortable with your workplace. When you’re alert and aware of your surroundings, your brain is more likely to notice anything out of the ordinary. Strange sounds, odors, or other circumstances may prompt a deeper examination.

3. Plan Ahead

Once you’re acquainted with your surroundings, you should plan every possibility to neutralize a threat immediately after you identify one. You do not have time to react to a dangerous situation, so planning the building’s safety protocols, exit locations, and possible risks is important. If you have co-workers, everyone should know their roles and have clear communication channels. 

4. Be Unpredictable

As a security officer, you’re in charge of ensuring the safety of the region. Your patrol routes and patterns should not be predictable so that any invader might not outwit you and slip past your radar.