Government Institution & Facility Security Guard in Austin

Government Institution and Facility Security in Austin, Texas

There are certain parts of our country that needs the utmost security. Yes, you guessed it right. Those are the government institutions and facilities. These places hold extremely valuable items and also personnel. Government institutions and facilities are an important part of the country and also a favorite spot for criminals to fulfill their intentions. 

Thus, government institutions and facilities need to be protected at all costs. One of the best ways to do so is by hiring an expert security agency, one like Ranger Security Agency in Austin, Texas. Reach out to us today to know more about our government security services.

Construction Site Security
Construction Site Security

Which Services are Included under this Plan?

Government security services are mainly focused on protecting government-owned areas. Thus, the security services included in this particular plan are 

  1. Responsive management structure 
  2. Workforce management solutions 
  3. Trained armed, unarmed, and cleared security professionals

What Security Solutions do we Offer?

Ranger Security Agency has been working in the field of providing security for a long now. We have experts and well-trained guards who are best at their jobs. Along with our trained guards, other government security services that we offer are 

  • Monitoring alarms 
  • Cloud-based systems for increased security 
  • Hardware security solutions for doors and gates 
  • Monitoring via electronic security systems 
  • Detecting intrusion 

With all these expert services, Ranger Security Agency becomes the only name you can trust.

We have Expertise in Offering Security for Government Facilities

Whether it is a local library or a federal government institution, our approach to its safety remains the same. Our guards make sure that the government property is thoroughly protected by the guards at every critical area. 

Security is further upgraded by the latest technologies like CCTV cameras, sensors, alarms, etc. All of these help our guards to immediately take action in case of emergencies. Further, our guards can fulfill the following duties: 

  1. Digital forensics 
  2. Personal and executive protection 
  3. Investigations 
  4. Litigation support 
  5. Protection from violence at the workplace

Hire us Today

If you too are in search of a reliable security agency for your property in Austin, Texas, then there can’t be a better option than Ranger Security Agency. We have specially trained guards who are experts in their job. Our team also uses the latest technologies to improve our services.

Government Security Clients that we Serve

Our list of clients opting for government security are 

  • Municipal, county, and state agencies 
  • Federal civilian, and defense contractors 
  • Federal government agencies 
  • City administrative services 
  • Consulates and embassies 
  • Local and international airports 
  • Financial agencies 
  • Transportation authorities 
  • Public Utilities