Security for Commercial Property

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How do you know if your commercial property is safe? As the manager or owner of a commercial building, your role is to ensure your tenants and visitors are safe whenever they are on the premises. If you haven’t had many security issues, you may think that your property is safe and secured, which is totally wrong.

Any property could be faced with security threats such as theft, vandalism, or violent attacks. Hiring professional commercial security officials to patrol your parking spaces, monitor your access points, and act as a physical deterrence to prospective criminals is one of the most effective ways of preventing potential security threats from becoming realities.

Is Your Commercial Building Vulnerable?

Parking space and Parking Garage Insecurities

Recent findings show that over 300,000 reported incidents of property crimes in the United States occurred in parking spaces and parking garages. Property crimes may include vandalism, burglary, drug violations, assault, theft of a motor vehicle, and theft from a motor vehicle.

Unsecured parking zones can be prime targets for crime. Insufficient illumination can make it easy for criminals to hide from their victims and make it difficult for criminals to be identified. Most Parking lots and garages that do not have secured access, gates, fences, or other means of protection can be at an even higher risk. Large lots and garages with remote areas or those rarely used by workers or guests can be exploited by criminals and others who wish to do damage to the property.

Security guards can effectively secure parking areas to protect people and property. By performing scheduled and random mobile patrols, guards can prevent crimes, identify suspicious behavior, and assist your workers, visitors, and clients. Expertly trained security officials can also keep owners and managers notified of security threats they have identified, providing security and peace of mind.

The uptick in Crime in the Area

Whenever there is an increase in the crime rate in your area, you should be security conscious. Just because your commercial property hasn’t been a target yet, does not mean that you are safe and secured. In addition to hiring security personnel to protect and patrol your property, there are things property owners and managers can do to prevent crimes.

Contact your local law enforcement agency, read the local news outlets, and review the published crime statistics for your area. By staying on top of the trends in crime near your commercial property, you will be more aware of your potential threats and more ready to combat them.

Rise in Non-criminal Incidents on the Property

Criminal acts are not the only statistics you should be taking into consideration as the owner or manager of a commercial property. Injuries, malfunctioning equipment, and unplanned safety events should all be noted when considering your security vulnerabilities.

Security guards can be a great asset in addressing these non-criminal issues that could put people and your business at risk. If there is a security threat or medical emergency, guard patrols can be quick to the scene and provide lifesaving assistance. Professionally trained guards are skilled at identifying security risks and providing solutions with efficiency.

Professional Security Guard Services Nationwide – Ranger security agency officers.

Commercial buildings are easy targets for criminals. If your role is to secure a commercial property, do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Even if you have not yet experienced a serious crime on the premises, you are not immune. By hiring security guards from a reputable security guard company like Ranger security agency, you are taking a bold step toward protecting your people and property.

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