Security and Religious Facilities

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There are many factors that make securing a place of worship a bit difficult and challenging. Religious facilities at their core are open to all who want to worship there. Often, members of the congregation may change from week to week making it difficult to track who is there to worship, and who is there to cause trouble. Because places of worship are often busy at very specific times, they can become easy targets for those who want to damage and cause problems.

How to Secure Religious Facilities

Church leaders have a big role to play when it comes to security matters. Many religious leaders have contacted professional security companies to assist them in implementing processes and procedures to protect their congregations and their religious assets.

Security Recommendations for Religious centers.

The security needs of every religious center will vary depending on their size, location, and resources. In general, the following suggestions apply to any place of worship that is looking to establish the foundation of a robust security plan.

Assess your specific threats.

As we’ve discussed, every facility is unique and will have different needs and threats. On your own, or with the help of an expert, perform a thorough evaluation of your property to identify current vulnerabilities and potential risk factors. Evaluate exterior areas such as parking lots, auxiliary buildings and playgrounds, and internal areas including all offices, the basement, attic, and the primary worship areas. The evaluation should include lighting, doors, windows, fire hazards, and other areas of potential risk.

Make security a priority.

Take a bold step in the security of your property. Demonstrate to the people in your congregation that security is important by hosting meetings, sharing security information, and making security a frequent topic of conversation. Establish and document security plans and make them available to everyone in leadership roles and amongst the congregation.

How Security Guards Can Help Protect Your Place of Worship

For many religious leaders, developing security measures to protect a large group of people is not an area of expertise. Professional security guard companies can be a fantastic resource for religious groups who are looking to establish strong security protocols. One of the most effective means of threat prevention is having highly trained security guards on the premises. Reliable, efficient uniformed or plainclothes security guards can provide a number of key benefits for places of worship and ensure the safety of people and property.

Qualified security guards can:

  • Be visible deterrents to crime.
  • Provide peace of mind to religious members and leaders.
  • Manage access to the property.
  • Perform mobile patrols of the grounds.
  • Communicate with law enforcement during and after an incident.

Ranger Security Agency – Security Guard Services for Places of Worship

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