Houston Uniformed Security Guards

Houston Uniformed Security Guards

We believe that our professional uniformed security guards are the best in Houston, Texas, at Ranger Security Agency. Depending on whether you need your security guards to be in professional dress uniforms or tactical uniforms, we can outfit our security guards to suit your needs. 

Our experienced and highly trained security guards’ versatility means that they’re ready for anything that comes their way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high profile or low profile event or contract. At Ranger Security Agency, we have the professional uniformed security guards that you or your company needs. 

Here at Ranger Security Agency, our uniformed security guards have been trained to provide our clients with five core services:

Our professional and experienced security team at Ranger Security Agency can assist you with dedicated security patrols to assist with loss prevention of tools, materials, machinery, copper, and other building materials. Our construction site security services include:

  • Deterrence

Our professional and experienced uniformed security guards provide a deterrent to criminal behavior that prevents many crimes from happening. You can choose between uniformed security guards or a more discreet security option.

  • Reporting and Observation

If anything does happen on your site or location, uniformed security guards are trained to act and observe and accurately report any criminal or inappropriate activity to the authorities.

  • Promotes a Safe Environment

Your uniformed security guard will continuously monitor your working environment for hazards and other safety issues. In the event of any emergency, your uniformed security guards will step up and take control of the situation to protect employees and clients. 

  • Protect Property and Persons

When you have experienced and trained uniformed security guards on-site, they’ll protect both property and persons. Where necessary, they’ll use force to prevent injury or damage to your buildings, property, clients, and also your staff.

  • Customized Security Solutions

At Ranger Security Agency, we offer various customizable security options to suit your business.

Ranger Security Agency is your number one choice for security guards in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. You can contact Ranger Security Agency 24/7 via the phone at (713) 257-9996 or visit the contact us page on the website. For professional uniformed security guards that you and your business can rely on, don’t hesitate to call Ranger Security Services in Houston, Texas.