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We, at Ranger Security Agency, have instilled the pledge of prevention in our highly trained officers. Their job is to prevent any untoward loss towards your business/building by ensuring tight security and competent surveillance. Let us look at some of the services that we offer to make sure you sleep without any worries:

What makes Ranger Security better?

Every company calls itself the best. There are numerous security guard companies, which offer their solutions to the people of College Station. However, their approach proves to be fallacious due to lack of expertise. They tend to promise you with stars but deliver almost nothing.

You have to understand that the matter of security is no small concern. There cannot be a one-size-fits-none approach to security. Every building and business is different and requires a custom approach to handle its needs.

The approach to security cannot be overtly complex. Most companies tend to offer a bloated and complex approach by installing security cameras and guards where it is not really needed. The security of an establishment is not guaranteed by the number of guards or cameras. So, you may ask what is different in our way of approaching things?

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Why Us?

We wish to highlight some of the reasons why we would be the perfect solution for your security needs:


Customized Plans for security needs


Affordable plans


24x7 customer service


Experienced officers and guards


Guaranteed security


Tie-ups with local law enforcement

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